TSO-Vidahost Email Set Up (Email Settings)

Access Direct Online: Use your email and password supplied.

Webmail Login: https://webmail.gridhost.co.uk

Phone Login Guide: 

  • Go to Settings : Passwords & Accounts
  • Click Existing Email or Add New
  • Under Add Account select Other
  • Check incoming/outgoing mail server settings are: mail3.gridhost.co.uk
  • Ensure username, password, email address are filled in correctly


Secure Setting Options:

POP3 Server: mail3.gridhost.co.uk
POP3 Port: 995
SPA: Off
IMAP Server: mail3.gridhost.co.uk
IMAP Port: 993
SPA: Off
Outgoing SMTP Server: mail3.gridhost.co.uk
SMTP Port: 465
SPA: Off
SMTP Authentication: On (Use same password as incoming server in Outlook, or for Mac Mail, iPhone and iPad devices, please use “Password” mode)


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