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How to: Use Invision



  1. We will share a link with you that we will upload all of the project visuals to. When the link is clicked the first page of the project will appear.

  2. To see each page and scroll through the project use the arrows to the left and right.

  3. To view all pages click on the “screens”  icon in the bottom right hand corner.

Responsive view


  1. We will also share with you your website in responsive to demonstrate how it will appear on other devices. 

  2. Mobile view will look as below

  3. Scroll up and down and use the arrows to the left and right to switch between 

Add Comments

  1. As you scroll through the pages you can enter comment mode by clicking the icon in the bottom right.

  2. Click on the area you like to add a comment.

  3. Write the details and click post. We will then be notified.


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