We have switched our support service over to this login style to provide a better service to our clients and to ensure you are getting the right service for your needs.

By logging support tickets via this area you can mark as Urgent or Normal and none will be stuck in spam folders etc, we can handle requests better with this direct platform and monitor your usage to ensure the package is correct for you.

Hosting Issue Support

Any issues with the hosting or actual issues with emails not working properly are included as part of your hosting with us.

Website Support Credits

Extra support requests to update content or website visuals, email set up help via Team Viewer, or checking/testing your website will now use up a support credit. Depending on the hosting and support package you have with us will determine the number of credits you have available. We work credits over a 12 month period even if you're on pay monthly invoicing, this allows fair usage for you across the full year as some months you may need more help than others. 1 credit uses up 15 minutes of support time, depending on your request and how long it takes our support team may allocate more credits and keep you updated.

  • Log in to your account and view your available support credits.
  • You can also upgrade your support package or buy more support credits.
  • Or call us for advice and to discuss in more detail.


Our support area has guides for common support questions such as setting up emails on iPhones or reminders on how to edit a page with Wordpress. You can use this area prior to submitting a support ticket and look for the answer to your support questions.


Tuesday, January 1, 2019

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